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How a Cloud CRM lln Increase Call Center Productivity

A successful call center is able to quickly and efficiently assist callers with their questions while also meeting certain productivity goals. This can be difficult to achieve, as each caller is different, and each call can vary in time and resources spent in order to find a resolution. How do you increase productivity in your call center while also enhancing customer service and driving revenue? Investing in cloud services for your call center CRM system assists in managing workflow and empowers agents with the resources they need to become more efficient. As a result, an organization’s call center is able to directly benefit the overall operation by reducing call times and lowering costs.

Achieve a Higher FCR Rate

First Call Resolution is the leading indicator of efficiency and productivity in a call center. The more often that representatives are able to resolve customer issues on the first try, the greater the level of customer satisfaction. At the same time, agents are able to move on to assist other callers. In order to improve the FCR rate of your call center, representatives need to be able to access all of the information needed to solve problems quickly. While an in-house CRM system can categorize customer information and present details to each agent in a call center, a cloud-based CRM provides real-time support to minimize hold times.

Not only does a Cloud CRM help call centers track inbound and outbound calls as they happen, it also provides management with detailed reports to help spot room for improvement. The goal here is to be able to see how organizations can train call center operators to anticipate a caller’s needs and find the information necessary to solve any problems that arise. notes that with on-demand information, training, and authority, call center agents are able to work more efficiently and achieve a higher FCR rate. A Cloud CRM gives your entire staff access to the resources they need to help callers quickly and accurately, allowing the business to benefit as a whole.

Improve Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Another facet of the information provided to call center agents through a Cloud-based CRM system is that the data makes it easy to spot trends in customer behavior. What products or services has the caller asked about or purchased in the past? Are you running a promotion on related items that the customer may be interested in buying? This information and more is available right at the call center agent’s fingertips. Representatives can use the notes available in a customer’s profile to create a more personal interaction for the caller.

This provides two major benefits for the organization. First, it gives agents an opportunity to complete an upsell or cross-sell during the same interaction. The agent has a better chance of a successful conversion when offering a customer an item that will be useful, rather than delivering a canned pitch that goes out to every caller. For example, a customer that has ordered pay-per-view sporting events in the past may be interested in upgrading his or her television package to include more sports channels.

Second, a Cloud CRM helps call centers improve on the customer experience. Callers that feel that they aren’t understood and have to battle to get information are not likely to make an additional purchase or share a good experience with friends and family. However, a positive interaction can lead to greater revenue and repeat business. Cloud services make it simpler for everyone to communicate.

Enhance Call Center Workflows

Your call center team doesn’t have time to waste on looking up information with a caller on the line. Each second that a caller is on hold results in fewer opportunities for the entire staff. Accessing information in the cloud provides representatives with an instant look into a caller’s history, as well as steps to take to complete a task. Moving your CRM to the cloud with Secure Online Desktop also enhances workflows throughout your organization.

Data Analysis

    • – A Cloud-based CRM allows you to optimize your internal processes by automatically collecting information and providing detailed analysis on the progress of work in real time. Measure performance, see key statistics, and find ways to continually improve so your business can grow.


Inbound/Outbound Calls

    • – In addition to keeping tabs on the progress of tasks, a CRM in the Cloud automatically processes inbound calls and launches outbound calls. As a call comes in, the system processes information and routes it to the appropriate person in the organization, whether it is on your customer service line, from a business number, or as a green number.


Office Management

    – A Cloud CRM reduces the strain on your IT infrastructure, as data access and storage is managed securely elsewhere. This saves time and money. At the same time, the system can be used to get statistics and information that assist in the creation of marketing plans, research and development, and other business operations.


Connect Your Entire Team

Mobility and flexibility are essential for businesses nowadays, no matter the industry or location. Connecting your team keeps everyone on the same page, and leads to higher levels of service and productivity. Whether you need to connect multiple call center locations, communicate with corporate headquarters, or access information while at an industry tradeshow, a CRM in the Cloud allows you to get what you need from anywhere on any device.

By making it easier to access and update information in your call center, your representatives complete more tasks at a higher quality. As cited by, a survey by Frost & Sullivan showed that “companies investing in collaboration technologies increased productivity by as much as 400%.” In addition to short-term results related to resource savings, investing in cloud services sets your organization up for growth down the road. You will be able to add more employees with minimal costs and have the power to adapt to changing market conditions so you can always be there for your callers.

Learn more about how choosing a Cloud CRM can increase productivity in your call center by visiting Secure Online Desktop through the company’s official site.


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