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What is Posture Guard?

Posture Guard is the new managed Cyber Security service offered by Secure Online Desktop to protect companies from cyber attacks and data breaches. It is a cutting-edge solution that uses continuous Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) techniques to constantly evaluate an organization’s security posture and identify potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers.

The Posture Guard service is based on sophisticated ethical hacking techniques performed in a controlled way to test a system’s ability to withstand simulated intrusion attempts. This makes it possible to identify security weaknesses before they become a real threat.

How Posture Guard Works

Posture Guard uses attack methodologies similar to those used by cybercriminals to penetrate an organization’s defenses. However, unlike a real attack, Posture Guard is a benign tool used solely for defensive purposes.

The service involves the periodic execution of simulated penetration tests to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in the customer’s systems and networks. These tests are conducted in a controlled manner to avoid any damage, but realistically reproduce the techniques used by ill-intentioned attackers to breach a system’s security.

The test results provide detailed information on the flaws identified, allowing the customer to quickly fix them before they can be exploited in a real attack. In this way, Posture Guard helps drastically reduce the risk of a data breach.

The Benefits of Posture Guard

Posture Guard offers numerous advantages over traditional security solutions, including:

  • Proactive vulnerability detection – Posture Guard doesn’t just monitor and react to threats, but actively looks for exploitable weaknesses. This makes it possible to correct security flaws before hackers target them.
  • Continuous improvement – Periodic testing allows you to measure and improve an organization’s security posture over time. You can tangibly see the positive impact of countermeasures applied.
  • Realistic approach – By simulating real attacks, you get a concrete assessment of how well a system is actually protected against real-world threats.
  • Cost savings – Finding and fixing vulnerabilities ahead of time prevents data breaches that would involve substantial costs for system restoration, legal sanctions, and reputation damage.
  • Regulatory compliance – Many regulations require regular penetration testing. Posture Guard helps continuously meet such requirements.

Monitoring Security KPIs

Posture Guard service

An advanced feature of Posture Guard is the continuous monitoring of key security Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to keep track of a client’s system security status.

Real-time data is collected and analyzed on metrics such as:

  • Number of critical vulnerabilities identified
  • Changes over time in attack surfaces
  • Detection rate capabilities of security solutions
  • Incident response times
  • Compliance with standards and policies

The status of these metrics is communicated to the client through dashboards and periodic reports. In the event of negative changes indicating a potential security deterioration, real-time alerts are sent.

This enables quick intervention to investigate and mitigate possible issues before they become a concrete threat, keeping the risk level always under control.

For example, a drop in the detection rate of simulated attacks by a network protection solution likely signals a malfunction or misconfiguration that requires urgent investigative and corrective actions. Constant KPI monitoring makes it possible to promptly identify these situations.


Posture Guard represents the evolution of managed Cyber Security, which no longer just protects systems but adopts a proactive approach to continuously improve security posture.

The combination of regular simulated penetration tests and continuous monitoring of key KPIs makes it possible to identify and resolve vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

For companies that want to adopt enterprise-level Cyber Security without having to manage complex internal ethical hacking activities, Posture Guard is the ideal solution to effectively protect their data and systems.

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