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Much of the work now passes through the network,
safety must be a top priority.

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A VPN is the ideal preventive protection for corporate data. Corporate VPNs not only protect network activities and sensitive data, but also add an extra layer of security against cyber criminals, in particularly if you regularly access public or home networks, for example in telework. A VPN creates a secure tunnel that allows you to keep private data safe from malicious actors.
What are Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)?
The use of tools such as corporate VPNs offer many advantages, first of all, browsing data protection. Whether you are in the office, at home or in a cafeteria, with a VPN you can enjoy the advantages of a local network, taking advantage of the coverage of the normal internet network. The connections are protected and therefore there is no risk of theft in transmissions.

Main characteristics

Encrypted internet traffic

A VPN is a network service that can be used to encrypt Internet traffic and protect your online identity.

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The same network from everywhere

A VPN is comparable to an extension of the corporate local network. It is possible to connect various locations together as if they were in the same LAN.

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Transmit data securely

The machines connected to the same VPN are virtually in a single local network and can behave accordingly, in complete safety.

Advantages for companies

Protect employees and contractors while they access the corporate network on the go with a VPN. Corporate data is important, make sure it is safe even in dynamic work situations . The main advantages for companies are:
  1. Better Cyber Threat Protection
  2. Cost reduction thanks to the use of the internet as a remote connection infrastructure
  3. Better usability of communications
  4. Possibility of secure connection to company resources in any place and at any time
  5. Infrastructure easily adaptable to the changing needs of networks. Connections can be made both between fixed and remote offices, as well as between individual machines.


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How do business VPNs work?

The infrastructure used in the VPN mechanisms is the Internet: an economically advantageous network, widespread but intrinsically insecure. For this, measures are needed that go beyond the characteristic limits of an unsecured public network: tunneling, authentication and encryption.
VPN Aziendali - Tunneling


A secure tunnel between two remote entities enables the creation of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The two ends of the tunnel, although distant and connected through many intermediate nodes, become virtually adjacent during the logical process.
The data packets, arrived at the entrance of the tunnel, are encapsulated by the tunneling protocol and sent to the exit, where they reach the destination.

VPN Aziendali - Autenticazione


The authentication process, which depends on the type of protocol adopted, is necessary to authorize access, ensure transmission and ensure non-repudiation. Regardless of the type of VPN used, the steps involve a dialogue between client and server that allows you to irrefutably verify the legitimacy of the connection.

VPN Aziendali - crittografia


Encryption, a technique that ensures confidentiality of information, transforms data from readable to encrypted using algorithms. The decryption function does the reverse process.
The type of encryption used depends on the communication protocol adopted. Algorithms can be classified into symmetric, asymmetric and hashing based.

How to use a VPN?

In order to access the use of a VPN, a client must be installed on your device in which to set the connection data. Once you’ve entered your data, you just need to press a button to enjoy all the benefits of a VPN.


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