Continuous Web Application Penetration testing

We constantly monitor your web applications and APIs to ensure they are always attack-proof . Every code change is quickly tested, verified and sent to your team with SLA free from false positives. Always included: Unlimited 24/7 access to our security analysts for customizable and threat-aware pentesting.

Simplified process, many advantages

No false positives

Money back guarantee for only one false positive.

Thorough testing

Business logic testing, check of the top 25 errors (SANS), PCI DSS and OWASP coverage.

Report always available

Specific repair guidelines and 24/7 access to analytics.

Timely tests

Once your code has changed, ours experts will test it promptly.


One-click WAF virtual patch, SDLC and CI / CD integration.

How it works in practice


At the first step of creating your project online, you can easily configure any special requirements for testing or reporting. For example, you can select test with 2FA authentication, or exclude any specific vulnerabilities from the report (e.g. self-XSS). Conversely, spend more time on authentication bypass attacks in a specific part of the application.

Code testing for every need

Web app for internal or external use

Virtual Appliance Technology for internal application testing

Attacchi in gruppo - red teaming

Simulation of violations and attacks for MITRE ATT&CK® Enterprise

Open Source Security

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tests for over 20,000 known CVE-IDs

Black / White Box

Authenticated (including MFA / SSO) or black box test

API and web services

Full coverage of API & Web Services (REST / SOAP)

I use dark web sources

Review of previous security incidents for a threat-aware penetration test

Why choose us

We use our award-winning AI and Deep Learning technology to intensify, augment and accelerate human testing, thus making application penetration testing scalable and cost-effective. We deliver faster results, better vulnerability coverage, and lower prices than traditional penetration testing services powered solely by human operators. In addition, we provide a “ just-in-time” service (24/7) instantly testing all new or updated code without leaving untested applications between two separate penetration tests

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