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Web Hosting allows you to register a domain name from over 100 extensions and to get web disk space to publish your web pages and files. Based on the Linux platform, the service supports PHP and Perl in native mode.


These days, having an effective Internet presence is essential for businesses that want to succeed in an increasingly tech-oriented marketplace. Maintaining a well-designed site with optimized e-commerce tools can make all the difference between success and failure for retailers. Even if you aren’t or your organization isn’t involved in e-commerce, an attractive site can work wonders when it comes to promoting your brand and reaching out to patrons. Unfortunately, many organizations fail miserably when they attempt to manage their websites. A huge part of the problem is simple ignorance of the varied pitfalls that lurk out there in cyberspace. Hackers can infiltrate insufficiently defended sites; sudden surges in net traffic may crash a site that isn’t prepared for such an eventuality; a site that isn’t backed up properly could accidentally, and permanently, lose valuable data.


To prevent any of these disasters, you should turn to a first-rate cloud web hosting company that can provide the tools and support your site needs. At Cyberfero, you have access to a top-flight organization staffed by highly experienced Internet professionals. We offer a broad range of services for companies seeking a secure hosting solution that they can rely on. See below for more information about our cloud web hosting services.

Web Hosting Pricing

  • Starter

    For Beginner

  • $29.99/Year
  • 10 GB Web space
  • 2Tb Traffic
  • 1 Domain
  • 20 Mailboxes
  • 100 Mb Mailbox
  • 2 Databases
  • Business

    Baby For All

  • $59.99/Year
  • 20 GB Web space
  • 5Tb Traffic
  • 2 Domain
  • 40 Mailboxes
  • 200 Mb Mailbox
  • 4 Databases
  • Ultimate

    For Professional

  • $119.99/Year
  • 40 GB Web space
  • 10Tb Traffic
  • 4 Domain
  • 80 Mailboxes
  • 1 Gb Mailbox
  • 8 Databases

Web Hosting Reseller Pricing

Reseller plans allow you to sell your services to your clients. Resellers are people who sell hosting accounts on our servers to others. From a business perspective, resellers are similar to hosting providers: they have accounts in hosting panels, and their own online stores and customer management tools. The difference is that resellers do not have their own hosting servers

  • R:Starter

    For Beginner

  • $299.99/Year
  • 10 customers
  • 100 GB Web space
  • 2Tb Traffic
  • 10 Domains
  • 200 Mailboxes
  • 100 Mb Mailbox
  • 20 Databases
  • R:Business

    Baby For All

  • $599.99/Year
  • 20 customers
  • 200 GB Web space
  • 5Tb Traffic
  • 20 Domains
  • 400 Mailboxes
  • 100 Mb Mailbox
  • 40 Databases
  • R:Ultimate

    For Professional

  • $1,199.99/Year
  • 40 customers
  • 400 GB Web space
  • 10Tb Traffic
  • 40 Domains
  • 800 Mailboxes
  • 100 Mb Mailbox
  • 80 Databases

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