Ethical Phishing/Smishing

Check your employees are prepared for phishing attacks.
Are staff prepared for attacks designed to obtain sensitive information?
Find out with an Ethical Phishing campaign.

Attacchi phishing

Test the defense of your company

Perdita di dati

Identify potential data leaks

Debolezze nel comportamento

Find out about the bad habits of the team

Phishing is more prevalent than ever and is becoming more sophisticated. We can help you minimize cyber attacks and identify weaknesses in your organization by testing and training your employees with our ethical phishing solutions.

Find out more

Did you know that an email that looks trustworthy could be a phishing attempt designed to steal information? We can help you identify them.

Attacchi phishing

Take action against phishing attacks

Phishing icon

Program simulated attacks

Through ethical phishing , program tests for your employees and check their preparation in the matter.

Risultati phishing etico

Check and implement

Results in hand, you will be able to verify the company's resilience to this type of attacks, allowing you to implement ad hoc solutions.

Presentazione Phishing

Help your team

Support staff members by providing them with the tools to detect successful first attempts.

What are phishing attacks

This is a phenomenon of computer scam which consists in stealing the authentication data (mainly username and password) by making them enter the user himself in a fake page that appears identical to that of a service that the recipient actually uses.

Attacks of this type are difficult to detect automatically, because links in emails could appear legitimate to a machine.

The only way to avoid being fooled is to know which indicators to watch out for and always be on the lookout. This is why it is important to work to increase the resilience of your team to this type of attack.

If company employees are able to detect attack attempts, the company’s data will be safer.

Phishing Attack Concept

What we will do for you

All we need is the list of users to test. Obviously the attacks are customizable, if necessary.

Raccolta credenziali

Credential collection and pharming

We will persuade employees in your organization to disclose their credentials.
This service is ideal for assessing your employees' awareness of e-mail phishing attacks.
In addition, all credentials obtained may be reviewed to ensure they adhere to an appropriate password policy .

Spear phishing attack

Spear Phishing

In this case, the previously mentioned phishing scenarios are used, but the attack is directed at a specific target group of individuals (e.g. the finance department) using specific information for the target (s) .
This test allows you to assess the likelihood that targets will reveal confidential information.

Whaling attack


Similar to Spear Phishing , but the target of the attack will be at the executive level within the organization.
Again, the purpose of this test is to assess the susceptibility of recipients to disclose confidential information.

What to do after the simulated attack?

Our Ethical Phishing services produce detailed reports containing a wealth of essential information to identify weaknesses in tested scenarios. For example: how many open messages, how many clicks are collected, the credentials used , etc. This data is great for quantifying users' awareness of recognizing suspicious emails.
It is also possible to organize a training and awareness campaign on IT security for employees. By conducting the ethical phishing service and using the results to customize your staff's training program , their training is conducted with engaging real-world examples, making the intervention much more effective .
Cyberfero is a partner of Clusit (Italian Association for IT security) in order to be always updated on the issues of Cyber Security and is also a training company of the training body IFOA .

Phishing Educational Training

Fortify company security
by supporting employees in recognizing phishing threats.

What are smishing attacks

Much like phishing, smishing or SMS Phishing uses SMS instead of e-mails but with the same identical objectives. Our simulation campaigns are able to test the permeability of this variant as well.

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