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We increase your company’s IT security by obtaining useful information to strengthen its resilience, 24/7.

We provide a centralized view of cyber risk and the insights you need to continuously measure and reduce your threat exposure, thereby decreasing your risk of attack.

Identifying and addressing security issues as early as possible is critical to minimizing cyber risk. Threats quickly evolve and expand to new exposures within IT environments.

What do we do for your company?


We make your IT security systems even more secure, thus reducing the risk of attacks.


We discover and eliminate attack paths to critical assets.


We optimize attack detection and response capabilities.

A complete service for
Security Validation

Security Validation, what is it?

"Security Validation" refers to a process or set of activities designed to verify the robustness and effectiveness of the security measures implemented in a system, application or computer environment. The primary goal of security validation is to ensure that the defenses put in place to protect data, assets and users are effective in preventing or mitigating threats and vulnerabilities.

The Security Validation process is divided into three phases:

Security Control Validation

Measure and strengthen cyber resilience by automatically and continuously validating the effectiveness of prevention and detection controls.

Attack Path Validation

Strengthen internal network security by visualizing the steps an attacker could take to compromise critical resources and users.

Detection Rule Validation

Measure and strengthen cyber resiliency by automatically and continuously validating the effectiveness of your prevention and detection controls.

1-Security Control Validation

Automatically and continuously validate the effectiveness of your prevention and detection controls.​

In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, to minimize the risk of breaches, testing the performance of your controls on a regular basis is now considered vital.

2-Attack Path Validation

View and remediate high-risk paths in your internal network.

With new methodologies of cyber security breaches, planning for the worst is essential. The key to success is understanding how, having gained initial access to your network, sophisticated adversaries could achieve their goals by exploiting previously undiscovered vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Posture Guard allows you to discover and visualize the steps an attacker could take to compromise systems and accounts.

3-Detection Rule Validation

Validate and continuously optimize your detection rules

Proactively identify SIEM rule performance and hygiene issues by gaining insights to accelerate threat detection and response.

I already have other safety systems, why should I activate Posture Guard?

Activating the service as a complement to existing defense systems helps make the company’s security more comprehensive and resilient.

It complements existing solutions perfectly to increase the overall security of the system by analyzing constantly evolving critical issues and threats.

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