Cloud Products and Services


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Cloud Server

VPS Windows and Linux Ready in Few Minutes


Web hosting

Create and develop your site. Install and manage free and commercial web apps on your websites. Forums, photo galleries, collaboration tools, and many more installed in several clicks.


Cloud Conference

“Cloud Web Conference” is a system of Videoconference in the Cloud that does not require the use of any software, no installation is necessary because everything is available online.


Cloud CRM for Call Center

The CRM already ready in Cloud for your Call Center. Available for pc and mobile devices.


ICT consulting & body rental

Develop your ICT projects immediately without acquiring new resources, outsources your IT expertise with ICT consulting services and body rental



Your personal files on Cloud Access from anywhere, from multiple platform whenever you want Share files and collaborate with your team


BaaS | Cloud Backup | Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS) is another model of Cloud used to have an off-site copy of your Backup following the “3-2-1 Rule”.


Log Management

Log Management – High performance service for collecting logs


ICT Monitoring Service

Monitor your IT infrastructure from Cloud console


Next Generation SIEM

A complete service for the security of your company

Cloud Products and Services

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