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We deliver powerful, enterprise cloud platform, extremely flexible pricing and all enterprise features like IPv6, Backup System and Firewall solution.
You can change configuration of your Cloud Server to suit your needs, just move configuration sliders on related Order page. After order you can upgrade your server as well to any size (VPS M, VPS L, VPS XL, VPS XXL, SuperCloud).
You can buy all the resources for your servers at once and use them to create more servers within the user area. For example, you can buy 4 CPU, 4GB RAM and 40Gb hard to create 4 VPS, simply change the setting of the configurator by moving the corresponding controls.

start with 1 core, 512 RAM, 20 GB SAS hard disk from just $ 2.99 per month!
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detalis unitprice per unit
CPU Cores Intel Xeon Quad-Core X5620 2.460GHz Core* $5.00/month
RAM 1.866 MHZ DDR4 1024MB Increment $2.56/month
SAS Storage SAS, 15k + Raid system 1GB Increment $0.02/month
IPv4 Addresses Public IPv4 address assigned to the server IP Address $1.75/month
IPv6 Addresses Public IPv6 address assigned to the server IP Address $0.02/month
IP Private Addresses Private IPv4 address assigned to the server IP Address $0.00/month

Included Free With Every Server in Your Pool

  • Up to 1Gbps Uplinks, Free 1Gbps Private LAN, Firewall
  • Permanent console and Recovery Console
  • Free Outbound and Inbound traffic
  • VNC,RDP/SSH access
  • Snapshot Backup (4 backup points, daily, weekly, monthly and annual) and Custom Template Engine
  • Comprehensive API, iOS Android Apps
  • 24/7/255 Comprehensive Support
  • 99% SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Optional Extras

IaaS Public Cloud - Load Balancer - Cluster

$ 20.00

per instance per month

Technical consultant (out of normal support)

$ 50.00

per hour


  • Invoices are generated 1 day in advance
  • Accounts are suspended after 1 day and removed after 10 days unpaid
  • Upgrades/Downgrades are handled on a daily pro-rata
  • All services are self-managed, with full support

* The rosurces is 100% guaranteed

from just $2.99 per month!
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