Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup (Veeam Backup) allows users to extend their infrastructure in the Cloud. If you use Veeam Suite Availability, you can select CSR as the target for your outsite/offsite backup.

Off-site Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect Overview

Veeam Cloud Connect Overview

2017 Veeam Availability Report

2017 Veeam Availability Report


Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to provide off-site backup for different subsidiaries or departments, while maintaining complete control and visibility. It creates the ability to send Veeam backups and replicas from multiple offices to a service provider data center without tedious configuration and VPN setup.

Veeam Cloud Connect allows users to:

  • 1) Establish a fast and effective off-site backup process;
  • 2) Backup VMs to the Cloud as part of your BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service);
  • 3) Use built-in Veeam technology and avoid complex networking configuration.


Service description

Configure you Veeam local installation in such a way that, following rule 3-2-1, the third backup instance resides within the Cyberfero Datacenter.



1) Backup offsite hosting via secure SSL connection, without buying any Veeam additional license.

2) Access and retrieve data in the backup repository directly from the backup console.

3) Monitoring the use of busy space on the cloud repository.

4) Maximum use of modern Veeam backup technology, including Backup Copy jobs with integrated WAN acceleration, “forever incremental” backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies.

5) Absolute serenity with all source-encrypted data (end-to-end encryption) during transfer and destination without any adverse impact on data reduction rates offered by integrated compression and WAN acceleration capabilities.

How encryption works

Veeam® Cloud Connect offers complete encryption for data at rest thanks to Veeam Backup & Replication encryption capabilities, but also for data in flight, so that any information exchanged between a tenant and a service provider is protected while traveling over an insecure channel like the internet.


Veeam Cloud Connect uses two di different encryption technologies: SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Veeam encryption

SSL is a generic term related to a family of communication encryption technologies. In more detail, Veeam Cloud Connect uses the latest TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol and never fails back to older and insecure versions of SSL.

AES is also used together with SSL. It’s a symmetric encryption algorithm, and the de-facto standard for advanced data encryption.

During the initial connection between a customer and a service provider, the communication channel over a single TCP port (6180 by default) is protected with SSL. By verifying the SSL certificate published by the service provider, and comparing it to the hostname the provider is using for publishing Veeam Cloud Connect itself, the customer is assured that he is effectively connecting to the chosen service provider.

Restore data from Cloud Connect backup

Once the virtual machine copies are safely stored in a remote cloud repository, the tenant has successfully obtained an additional off-site copy of his workloads and data. From here, any restore operation can be accomplished, even if the original data has been lost at the tenant’s primary site.

Restore files

The most common operation a tenant would do is to restore files. If the files that need to be restored are not in a local backup anymore, but are stored in a cloud repository, then the tenant needs to start a file restore operation.

NOTE: As of today, only files stored in virtual machines running Microsoft Windows OS can be directly restored from a cloud repository. For other operating systems, a tenant needs to retrieve the entire virtual disk containing the required files first.
Veeam Restore files


Wan accelerator

WAN accelerators are components deployed at the service provider to improve bandwidth utilization of remote backups sent by customers. Even if any Veeam Cloud Connect operation can be executed without WAN accelerators, WAN accelerators become useful to optimise data flow.

In addition, starting from Veeam Backup & Replication v9, when the target of a job is Veeam Cloud Connect, customers using the Enterprise license are entitled to use WAN acceleration, while previously they had to have an Enterprise Plus license (and it’s still like this in v9 for jobs not involving Veeam Cloud Connect).

WAN accelerators at the service provider sit between cloud gateways and repositories (for backup and backup copy jobs) .They help improve the bandwidth utilization by caching blocks internally, avoiding the need to transmit every block over the wire.

Veeam Cloud Connect Pricing

  • Veeam Cloud Connect - Starter

    For small business

  • $121.00/Month
  • Backups N.5 Virtual Machine
  • 1Tb Storage space
  • Veeam Cloud Connect - Basic

    For medium business

  • $590.00/Month
  • Backups N.25 Virtual Machine
  • 5Tb Storage space
  • Veeam Cloud Connect - Pro

    For large business

  • $3,000.00/Month
  • Backups N.125 Virtual Machine
  • 25Tb Storage space




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