IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a cloud model where the Cloud Provider provides a network infrastructure in the form of a service. This way, you can quickly and easily expand your business network to cope with important or exceptional workloads that would not justify buying new hardware resources. In detail, the IaaS model expects the Cloud Provider to implement and manage Networking, Storage, Server and Virtualization Infrastructure components while customer focusing on the rest (Operating System, Middleware, Runtime, Data, Applications).


The Secure Online Desktop IaaS model offers the following benefits:

  • Maximum scalability: cloud resources are available on demand by drawing on the large public coves so that cloud applications respond without interruption to activity fluctuations;
  • Convenience: Public clouds bring together more resources and therefore can offer benefits to large scale economies. Centralized operation and management of the underlying resources is subdivided into all the resulting cloud services, while components such as servers require less customization. Some mass market offers can even be free for the customer, given the amount of revenue they receive;
  • “Bill” style costs: Public cloud services often adopt a “consumer” payment model, so the consumer can access the resources needed at the right time and then only pay for those used without waste;
  • Reliability: the high number of servers and networks involved in public cloud creation and redundant configurations make the cloud service still work with the rest of the components when physical components fail. In some cases where clouds recycle resources from a variety of Data Centers, even if a whole data center is disconnected, there will be no impact on individual cloud services. In other words, there is no single point of vulnerability that could endanger the public cloud service;
  • Flexibility: There are a host of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services on the market that follow the public cloud model and are accessible as a service from any Internet-based device. Such services can meet most computing requirements and can bring benefits to both private and business customers. Businesses can even integrate their public cloud services with private clouds when they need to perform sensitive business functions by creating hybrid clouds;
  • Geographic independence: Access to public cloud services through Internet connections ensures that services are available wherever you are. This creates valuable business opportunities, such as remote access to IT infrastructure (in case of emergencies, etc.) or online collaboration on multi-station documents.


Secure Online Desktop offers three  kind of IaaS:


      Cloud Server Windows and Linux ready in just a few minutes.


      Cloud Server Windows and Linux ready in just a few minutes, pay only what you consume and pick up you preferred location.


      Your Virtual Data Center in Cloud.

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