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server ridondanti cavi Giacomo Lanzi

New Cloud Server: redundant internet

One of the biggest fears an IT team can have is data loss caused by a sudden lack of server connection. To meet the needs of our customers, present and future, we have decided to offer free the redundant internet functionality for our service Cloud Server . Today we want to explain what redundant internet means and how this functionality…

Installare Certificato SSL Giacomo Lanzi

Install a Let’s Encrypt certificate on Debian based machine

Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that facilitates the obtaining and installation of free TLS / SSL certificates.This allows HTTPS encryption on web servers. It also streamlines the process by working with clients, such as Certbot, to automate the necessary steps. In this article we see how to install an SSL certificate on a server with Debian based operating…

Iniziative sociali SOD Giacomo Lanzi

Secure Online Desktop Social Initiatives

2020 turned out to be a complicated year in many ways. Covid-19 has hit the whole world hard, with significant repercussions on companies which, as far as possible, have found themselves having to set up suitable infrastructures for remote work. Many social initiatives were born during the year and our field, IT and cyber security, is no different. In this…

ClearOS cover Giacomo Lanzi

ClearOS: Linux Server for Small Business

ClearOS (formerly ClarkConnect) is a Linux distribution, with the aim of transforming any standard PC into a dedicated firewall and Internet server / gateway. The software is a solution for small businesses, home offices and networked homes. ClearOS is based on CentOS and offers a very robust set of tools organized in easy to navigate administration pages. Small business and…

Serve VPS SuperCloud di Secure OD Giacomo Lanzi

SuperCloud – manage your VPS cloud network

When the resources required by a single virtual server are no longer enough, it’s time to move on to a more complex solution. SuperCloud of the Secure Online Desktop (SOD) allows the creation of a VPS cloud network to support every need for data processing and web software distribution. With the flexible management of the server infrastructure in connection with…

Virtual Data Center con Secure OD Giacomo Lanzi

Virtual data center and its advantages

One of the biggest advantages of using cloud technology is that it allows relatively small businesses to access an IT infrastructure at low cost. In the form of a virtual data center, the expected expenditure is clearly lower than the capital needed to build a real one. As a guarantee of flexibility and scalability, the cost remains limited to the…

Cloud Server di Secure OD Giacomo Lanzi

Your virtual machine with Cloud Server

The Cloud Server service allows flexible management of the resources of a remote virtual server (VPS). That is, the concrete advantage of having complete control over the server machines without the disturbance of their physical management. There will be no need to update, manage or restart a physical machine. The servers created through the Secure Online Desktop (SOD) service are…

Hosting VPS - Cloud Server Giacomo Lanzi

VPS hosting services – Cloud server

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is an opportunity made available by the Cloud Server service. The service consists in sharing (guaranteeing segregation and privacy) the resources of a physical machine with the users of the virtual machines (VM) that are at their complete disposal. Exactly as if they were physical computers. The VPS hosting service is perfect for personal, small…

Folding@home Alessandro Stesi

Help Folding@home project with Secure Online Desktop

Folding@home is a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics – the process of protein folding and the movements of proteins implicated in a variety of cancers and diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Ebola and COVID-19. By enabling people across the world to run these simulations on their personal computers, the Folding@home project aims to help scientists better understand these processes and…

Alessandro Stesi

New VPS price model – half prices

Dear customers,  we have tremendous news for you, VPS M, L, XL, XXL are now available with double the resources, we kept the same names as the VPS with the same prices but we doubled the resources contained within the offer. However, we have maintained the quality of our products, which you now know and that you have long appreciated….

Alessandro Stesi

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 Like every year, in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Secure Online Desktop is pleased to offer its amazing discounts on all products Cloud. Get your Cloud service at half the price for a year! With long billing cycles like that will be semi-annual or annual exploit this incredible offer for longer You have…

debian stretch Piergiorgio Venuti

New templates for VPS

  Templates are the Operating Systems you can use when you create a new Cloud VPS or SuperCloud. The following new templates have been added to the existing templates:    ♦ Debian 9.3 x64   ♦ ClearOS 7.4 x64   ♦ Fedora 27 x64   ♦ Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 x64 Create your first Cloud Server with new operating systems! [btnsx id=”2931″]…

Free Microsoft Windows licenses Piergiorgio Venuti

Free Microsoft Windows licenses

Free Microsoft Windows licenses The cost of licenses for pre-loaded Microsoft Windows operating systems on VPS, VPS metered and SuperCloud has been cleared, and from now on you can select one of the available Cloud servers available with Microsoft OS without any additional costs by paying only the desired Cloud Server. Free Microsoft Windows licenses You can select one of…

metered VPS Piergiorgio Venuti

62 Data Center in 25 Countries

metered VPS [huge_it_maps id=”2″]     For several years, Secure Online Desktop offers Cloud servers and cloud services not only on hardware resources physically located in Italy, but also through customized custom projects abroad. We are pleased to announce that thanks to an update of our web interface, it is now possible for a customer / partner to independently select…

vps Piergiorgio Venuti


vps A virtual server (Cloud server) or VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a full-fledged server with its own operating system and well-defined hardware features only that unlike a classic server it shares physical resources with other virtual machines in this way multiple VPS can run simultaneously on the same server (hypervisor). This virtualization technique allows significant cost savings and an…

Create your Public Cloud Piergiorgio Venuti

New Cloud Server video – Create your Public Cloud

Create your Public Cloud Watch our latest video on Public Cloud, Managed Services, and more [btnsx id=”2931″] Useful links: VPS Metered – Cloud location Free Microsoft Windows licenses Cloud Milan New templates for VPS Virtual server IaaS | Cloud | Infrastructure as a Service Demo Cloud Servers Server Cloud Cloud services Cloud Products and Services

pfsense-news Alessandro Stesi

New templates available: pfSense and Webtitan.

New brand new templates available: pfSense and Webtitan.  Read more here.                                   You can use these new templates to build new VPS, just pick it from OS Template list inside VPS cart or from SuperCloud Virtual Datacenter cart.

SuperCloudNews Alessandro Stesi


SuperCloud – Your Virtual Data Center in Cloud Build VPS, networks and interconnected between them.

demo cloud servers Alessandro Stesi

Demo Cloud Servers

Discover our Demo Cloud Server! Visit our demo area to experience one of the Cloud Server, directly online without any registration. Try our Cloud Server You can have direct access to our virtual machines or explore the admin panel. We’ve provided a free Windows Cloud Server and a Linux one, come and discover our Cloud. With Server you can use Windows…

Windows Server 2012 Alessandro Stesi


Windows 2012 e Windows 8 template are now available for our Cloud Server and VPS! Our users will be able to choose one of 430 templates available. Here you will find the complete list of templates here

Virtual Private Server Alessandro Stesi

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) – Coupon code 70% discount The first 100 users will receive a coupon with 70% discount on annual subscriptions of VPS: VPS M = $ 42.41 instead of $ 141.36 VPS L = $ 84.86 instead of $ 282.86 VPS XL = $ 169.76 instead of $ 565.86 VPS XL = $ 424.47 instead of $…



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    Posted by Andrea Intilangelo on May 20CVE-2024-34058: Nethserver 7 & 8 stored cross-site scripting (XSS) in WebTop package Use CVE-2024-34058. Additional info: NethServer is an Open Source operating system for the Linux enthusiast, designed for small offices and medium enterprises. From their website: "It&apos;s simple, secure and flexible" and "ready to deliver your messages, to […]
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    Posted by malvuln on May 14Discovery / credits: Malvuln (John Page aka hyp3rlinx) (c) 2024 Original source: Contact: malvuln13 () gmail com Media: Threat: TrojanSpy.Win64.EMOTET.A Vulnerability: Arbitrary Code Execution Description: The malware looks for and executes a x64-bit "CRYPTBASE.dll" PE file in its current directory. Therefore, we can hijack the DLL and execute […]