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Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is directly responsible for information security within the corporate bodies. In this context, its primary task is to define the strategies necessary to protect company data and technologies. Furthermore, he is responsible for dealing with the training of employees on Cybersecurity and, in parallel, with the definition of the budget allocated to it at an administrative level.

However, this is a figure who, due to the high costs associated with his role and the complex security measures he is required to implement, may not be accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have a budget specifically dedicated to IT security . For this reason, the figure of the vCISO emerges as a more accessible alternative.

Our Virtual CISO service (vCISO), therefore, offers a solution that allows the outsourcing of this key figure. This approach ensures various benefits, including lower costs, objective reporting provided by third parties, and access to highly qualified personnel who are constantly updated on the latest security trends.

What does vCiso do for your business?

Starting from the main objective of guaranteeing correct protection of information, the specific tasks and responsibilities of the vCISO figure can be divided into the following:

Why choose a vCISO?

Reduced Costs

Fewer financial barriers to accessing qualified consultants with years of security experience and a greater catalog of security services than hiring a CISO.


Broader view on the security landscape, considering our experience in companies from multiple areas, objective third-party reporting on the level of risk and maturity of the security processes.

Specialized skills

Qualified personnel with high-level professional certificates / certifications in the field of Security / Governance / Privacy recognized internationally (CISSP, CISM, CISA, CDPSE).

Knowledge of standard models

Knowledge of management frameworks (e.g. COBIT) and/or security standards (e.g. ISO-IEC 27001), which are certainly capable of guaranteeing a systemic and structured approach to adequate information protection.

  1. Security Online Desktop  is aware that for many companies the cost of a full-time managerial figure, albeit necessary, may not be sustainable. Furthermore, needs often do not require the constant and continuous presence of a professional in the company. For this reason it has created a professional service dedicating only the necessary time to its Clients, reducing the cost of this managerial figure to a fraction of the total cost.

The main hard skills offered by SOD consultants as a service are:

Data Science skills

Knowledge of the most common programming languages

Management skills and business knowledge

SOD also makes the following soft skills available to its customers:

Project management and problem solving

Analytical mindset

Leadership skills

Time management and flexibility

Proactivity and adaptation

Stress management

Proactivity and adaptation

Choosing a vCISO for your company means, above all, optimizing the economic and human resources available. However, beyond this purely financial aspect, opting for a vCISO also represents a strategic and considered investment. In this way, one is able to look towards a more secure and sustainable future in the increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape. In fact, with this proactive decision, a path of continuous evolution and resilience begins. Consequently, this choice positions the company not only as a reliable custodian of sensitive data and information, but also as a conscious and responsible innovator in the digital age.

The certifications of our vciso



Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control


Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer


Certified Information Systems Auditor


Certified Information System Security Professional


Certified Security

PMP® certified

Project Management Professional®


Data Protection Officer

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