disaster recovery

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud is a turnkey, self-service solution, built upon Acronis Backup Cloud, that lets you protect your critical workloads by instantly recovering their critical IT systems, applications, and data utilizing the Acronis cloud infrastructure.

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Disaster Recovery for Any WorkloadDisaster Recovery for Any Workload

Windows and Linux, major hypervisors, applications, virtual appliances

Disaster Recovery in SecondsDisaster Recovery in Seconds

A few clicks to add and configure a cloud-based recovery server

Complete Business ProtectionComplete Business Protection

All-in-one backup, disaster recovery, and advanced ransomware protection

Fastest Way to RevenueFastest Way to Revenue

Zero CAPEX and minimum training required so you can immediately start selling


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Both Cloud and Local Recovery

Instant Offsite Failover to the Acronis Cloud Recovery SiteInstant Offsite Failover to the Acronis Cloud Recovery Site

In the event of a full-site outage, you can switch production workloads to machines in the Acronis Cloud Data Center in seconds, letting customers get back to business fast.

Onsite Recovery with Acronis Instant RestoreOnsite Recovery with Acronis Instant Restore

In the event of a single server failure, you can recover the machine locally by running any physical or virtual Windows or Linux system backup as a VMware Virtual Machine (VM).


Key Features


Disaster Recovery: Key Features

Cloud Servers for Application-Level Replication

For applications with built-in replication technology, quickly add virtual machines in the Acronis cloud using a set of Window or Linux VM templates to host replicas of the applications.

Protection for On-Premise and Cloud Workloads

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud protects your customers’ systems in any location and in any environment — on your clients’ premises, in remote systems, and in private and public clouds.

Intuitive Web-Based Console

You can use the Acronis-hosted, touch-friendly, web-based console to perform most activities related to disaster recovery, including configuring the network, testing, failover, and failback.

Straightforward Network Configuration

Using Acronis’ VPN virtual appliance and network parameter auto-discovery capabilities, you can easily extend your client’s network to the Acronis cloud and provide transparent remote access to recovery servers.

Isolated Testing Environment

For non-disruptive testing of a failover, start recovery servers in the Acronis cloud testing environment and keep testing isolated from the production network.

Ready Solution

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud includes a broad set of features, including a multi-tenant architecture, per-customer reporting, a RESTful API, and integration with your business automation systems.



One solution for any workload

One solution for any workload


Physical and virtual machines

♦ Windows

♦ Linux

Virtualization platforms

♦ VMware vSphere

♦ Microsoft Hyper-V

♦ Oracle x86 VM Server

♦ Linux KVM

♦ Citrix XenServer

♦ Red Hat Virtualization


♦ Microsoft Exchange

♦ Microsoft Active Directory

♦ Microsoft SharePoint

♦ Microsoft SQL Server


Built on Acronis Data Cloud

Acronis Data Cloud is a platform that delivers data protection services with an unprecedented level of ease. With one solution, you and your customers gain access to backup, disaster recovery, file sync and share, notarization and e-signature services, all managed from a single console. These in-demand, add-on services mean you can sell more and increase your customer retention.

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What is Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers by a third party to provide fail over in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe.

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service



Who Needs DRaaS?

Companies that:

Key industries:

  • Rely on mission-critical applications and data

Financial Financial Services

  • Are subject to regulated compliance requirements

Healthcare Healthcare

  • Are partners in stringent supply chains

legal Legal

  • Are located in disaster-prone areas

Transportation Transportation

  • Lack technical resources

BusinessBusiness Services

  • Have heavy reliance on IT for business functions

Manufacturing Manufacturing

  • Lack disaster recovery experience

construction Construction


DRaaS vs DIY Disaster Recovery

startEasier protection of critical workloads

startBetter functionality at a lower cost

startSpeed of entry and deployment

startEasy access, self-service

startSimplified, less expensive testing

startFlexibility and scalability

startSecure infrastructure

startPay-as-you-go pricing



Disaster Recovery vs Backup



Disaster Recovery

Key functions

Protection of data from loss

♦ High availability of critical applications


♦ Rapid recovery after a disaster

Target devices

Servers, workstations, mobile devices

Critical servers and virtual appliances

Recovery requirements

  • Data loss avoidance

  • Ability to restore/access single items fast


♦ Quickly fail over critical workloads to an offsite environment

♦ Fail back to a primary site

Required infrastructure

Secure local and offsite storage

♦ High-performance offsite storage

♦ Compute and networking resources

♦ DR orchestration software

Storage type

Local and/or offsite cold storage

Offsite hot storage

RTO in case of disaster



Usage frequency





Straightforward Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

The Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud licensing and pricing was developed with the needs of clients in mind:

♦ With a pay-as-you-go model, you pay only for the servers you are protecting and only when you need it

♦ Per-GB storage price doesn’t depend on the number of recovery servers and their configurations

♦ Charges for compute resources apply only while the recovery server is running ♦ Compute resource consumption is aggregated over a month with one- minute granularity
♦ Pricing offers the same discount tiers and commitment levels as Acronis Backup Cloud ♦ Pricing is available in all standard currencies


Disaster Recovery to Acronis Cloud Recovery Site

Recovery Site




Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud Licensing

Licensing highlights

   ♦ Built on top of Acronis Backup Cloud pricing, applies to the same commitment levels

   ♦ Per GB-based SKU for paying for the DR infrastructure

   ♦ Charges for compute resources apply only while the recovery server is running

   ♦ Available in all standard currencies

   ♦ Free trial available by request as part of an Acronis Backup Cloud trial


Monthly billings structure:

Backup Storage (*)


DR Storage (*)




DR IP Address


€ 0.18 per GB per month

for all VMs protected either with backup or DR


€ 0.36  GB per month

for all VMs protected with DR


From €0.045 per hour, but only for the time the VMs are active


€ 5,40 per IP per month for all

external facing IPs provided by Acronis

(*) Simplified pricing:

  ◊ No matter how many VMs you have
  ◊ No matter what CPU/RAM parameters the virtual machines have


Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud SKUs

SKU Descriptions

New Product Name


Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud —Acronis Hosted (per GB)

Disaster Recovery Storage is the backup size in the latest recovery point per protected server and VM

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud — one compute point (per running hour)

Compute resources are standard pre- configured vCPU and RAM configurations with assigned per-hour compute values


Dedicated public-facing IP addresses can be optionally added to servers that require external network access


Compute Configurations




Per-hour Points*


1 vCPU

2 GB

1 Point

F2 1 vCPU

4 GB

2 Points

F3 2 vCPU


4 Points

F4 4 vCPU

16 GB

8 Points

F5 8 vCPU

32 GB

16 Points

F6 16 vCPU

64 GB

32 Points

F7 16 vCPU

128 GB

64 Points

F8 16 vCPU

256 GB

128 Points

* Fractional compute points are calculated throughout the month ((minutes used / 60 minutes) x configuration points), then rounded up to the nearest point at the end of the billing month.


Billing Calculation Example


   ♦ 10 VMs with 1,500 GB of backup data are protected with Acronis Backup Cloud at Commitment 1 tier

   ♦ Three of these VMs are also protected with Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud. The most recent snapshot backup is 450 GB

   ♦ There is one external-facing IP address provided by Acronis

   ♦ One of the VMs (8 vCPU, 16 GB RAM) had some test failovers and was active for 130 minutes in total (other two VMs were inacti ve

the whole time)

Backup Storage (*)


DR Storage (*)




DR IP Address


€ 0.18 per GB per month

for all VMs protected either with backup or DR


10 VMs with total 1,500 GB diskspace → 1,500 GB * €0,18 =€270/month


€ 0.36  GB per month

for all VMs protected with DR


3 VMs with total 450 GB disk space → 450 GB * €0.36 =€162/month


From €0.045 per hour, butonly for the time the VMs are active


(130 active minutes/ 60 minutes) x 16 points= 34.667 points, rounded up to whole point for billing = €1.56/month


€ 5.40 per IP per month for all

external facing IPs provided by Acronis


1 external facing IP address for

DR, €5.40/month

Monthly fee for the example = €438.96

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The Architecture Overview

The Architecture Overview


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