Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

We test the vulnerabilities of your IT assets on an ongoing and recurring basis

We offer proactive protection, identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities to ensure the security and compliance of your IT environment in a timely and efficient manner.


Vulnerability Assessment, what is it?

Vulnerability assessment is a process by which vulnerabilities in IT systems are identified, quantified and prioritized. This process enables organizations to make informed decisions about risk management and resource allocation for vulnerability mitigation.

Each assessment is a single instance, and since there is no constant monitoring between one scan and another, it cannot identify new vulnerabilities in real time, thus making the system more vulnerable.

The phases of the Classic Vulnerability Assessment process

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment, what is it?

It refers to the regular and repeated process of identifying, assessing and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, in order to ensure that emerging threats are addressed promptly and defense resources are allocated efficiently.

The importance of ongoing assessment lies in the changing nature of cyber threats. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day, and in a dynamic IT environment, new systems and applications are regularly added to the network, or existing systems are upgraded, which can introduce new flaws.

The phases of the Continuous Vulnerability Assessment process

Continuity and Dynamism

  • As the name suggests, this type of assessment is continuous and dynamic.

Why should I choose the Continuous Vulnerability Assessment service?

Continuous control

Periodic scans of systems and applications to identify new vulnerabilities. These scans can be daily, weekly, monthly, or at any other appropriate interval based on your organization's needs.

Evaluation and Prioritization

Once vulnerabilities are identified, they are evaluated based on their severity, system exposure, and how critical the system or application is to the organization.


Vulnerabilities identified, must be mitigated or corrected at the most short time possible.

Why is it important to rely on a Provider?

There are various software on the market capable of performing Continuous Vulnerability scans, however relying on a provider is the best choice in terms of:


Eliminate costs related to the purchase, maintenance and updating of software, as well as the need to train or hire specialized personnel.

False positives/negatives

Deep knowledge and expertise, advanced technological tools and customized analysis methods, guarantee greater accuracy in the detection of vulnerabilities and a significant reduction in false positives and negatives.

Priority hierarchy

A specialized provider facilitates priority management by identifying and ranking vulnerabilities based on risk, offering specific recommendations and integrating with your systems, allowing you to address the most serious threats in a timely manner.


Continuous update on new vulnerabilities and attack techniques.


Expert team on hand to provide 24/7 assistance and support.

State-of-the-art tools and technologies

Access to tools and technologies more advanced than those commercially available for internal use, offering a more accurate and complete evaluation.


Decades of Cybersecurity experience, Cyberfero is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) specializing in providing comprehensive security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Can the Vulnerability Assessment Service integrate with other defense and attack services?

Activating the service as a complement to existing defense and attack systems helps make the company’s security more comprehensive and resilient.

It fits perfectly with the solutions already in place to increase the overall security of the system by preventing the underlying problem.

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