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Cloud computing CRM is a powerful and useful tool to increase the number of customers, to maximize worker productivity, and to better manage the operator calls and incoming calls.

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CRM for All Call Centers Technical Characteristics of Cloud CRM Why Choose Cloud CRM

Ease of use: CRM Powered by Cloud was created to meet the needs of call centers. It's easy to use and to manage, thanks to the intuitive and self-explanatory icons.

Automatic call action: CRM Power by Cloud, thanks to the "Auto Call Action," is able to optimize calls to operators providing only those with satisfactory outcomes. The system allows you to set the number of calls to be launched on the basis of available operators and to manage contacts by time and date.

Inbound calls: CRM Powered by Cloud allows you to manage incoming calls, entering data in a shared agenda on both PC and on mobile devices with extreme ease, to fix appointments for others, and to associate to each operator an external buyer via a phone number.

  • Create campaigns through a simple web interface.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs.
  • Manage simultaneous campaigns, Inbound and Outbound.
  • Import the lists and the most common formats simply: XLS, XLSX, CSV.
  • Manage duplicate numbers.
  • Handle private recalls.
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    • $29 monthly per user
    • Telephone exchange included
    • VoIP Traffic package from $100 (cost change with Country)