Active Defense Deception

Cybersecurity prevention at the service of your company

We pay the hackers back in their own coin

using the same defenses and techniques that malware uses against computer systems by modeling the attackers' decision-making process.

How does Deception work?

It works like a malicious code by responding to attackers during the early stages of preparation with dynamic techniques designed to ensure that the conditions never exist to go to an executive and more advanced stage of the kill chain.

Cyber Kill Chain

It describes the various phases that cyber attackers go through during an attack, from the moment they try to obtain information about the target until the attack is completed, Deception intervenes in the first phase.

Defense types

Preventive Defense

Making the injected malware believe that it is in an unattractive/dangerous environment, so that the malicious code does not find the conditions to go to the next phase of the attack.

Proactive Defense

Dynamically respond to threats as they evolve, based on the instantly detected stage of compromise and changing the outcome of the attack itself.

How does the DECEPTION service work operationally?

Software installation

We install software on all company workstations that constantly communicates with our control center.

Constant check

We constantly monitor the infrastructure through our operations center manned by expert technicians, available 24/7.


We identify the attempted attack by Malware even before it can proceed operationally.


We intervene immediately and inform the customer to better analyze the dynamics of the event.

I already have other security systems, why should I activate Deception?

Enabling Deception as a complement to existing defense systems helps make enterprise security more comprehensive and resilient.

It fits perfectly with the solutions already in place to increase the overall security of the system and above all with respect to defense solutions (e.g. SOCaaS, EDR, Antivirus) that block the attack, this service puts in place a solution that prevents the attack from starting, acting first and preventing the attack.

*Practical example:



SOAR Actions (SOC)


In an ever-growing advanced threat landscape, one solution is making a difference, providing multi-stage protection that dynamically responds to threats as they evolve and beats the bad guys at their own game.
Over 99.9% prevention rate against ransomware and malware.

What can Deception do for your business?

Protects against unknown and sophisticated threats​

Identify potential data leaks​

Prevents damage to data and resources​

Reduces reputational risk

Protect remote employees​

Improve the IT resistance of your company


The solution for all companies with an IT asset to defend:

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