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Cyberfero is a Cloud Provider from Reggio Emilia, was created in 2011 by a group of Italian engineers, experts in computer network security and Datacenter scheming. Their passion and experience in e-security have enormously improved the security aspects of S.O.D. solution, making it affordable and highly secure as well.

The original idea of the company was to provide a secure virtual desktop which contrary to the remote desktop, accessed via Terminal Server (Remote Desktop), could make available on user device (be it a desktop computer, a netbook or a tablet / smartphone) a set of software applications and data de-localized in a more “user friendly” way. With S.O.D. the user perceives the software and data as if it was incorporated in its workstations, and he will not distinguish between locally-installed software and a remote host.

S.O.D. enucleates the concept of Cloud Desktop, the potential of the technology of cloud computing applied to the sphere of desktop users. The potential of cloud computing combined with the Grid Computing Datacenter of the Cyberfero, the adoption of encryption technologies of data and of transmission channels, the development of multi-agent software platform and partnerships with several software houses has allowed to have numerous projects with major companies around the world.

The increasing online demands of S.O.D. solutions have enabled us to establish partnerships with a large number of international companies, improving coverage and providing a better S.O.D. system.

Subsequently, the company has expanded its portfolio of cloud services embracing the sphere of Cloud Server.

Cloud Provider from Reggio Emilia

To date, the Cyberfero provides Cloud Computing services from Cloud Desktop (virtualized applications, virtual desktops) to Cloud Server (elastic virtual servers, VPS) using the SaaS model (Software as a Service).

Thanks to the partnership with Gruppo Tecnocontrol, a company founded in 2000, with nearly 400 employees in 12 Italian centers, S.O.D. is now a Emilian Cloud Provider reality in strong economic growth.

Secure Online Desktop s.r.l.

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Secure Online Desktop s.r.l.

Via Statuto, 3
c/o ImpactHub,
Reggio Emilia 42121