SOC as a Service [EDR]
The solution to unify and automate security

SOCaaS [EDR] is the service that relieves your company of all the management of impending threats.

A 360° active-passive service that includes:

How does it work

SOC as a Service


Software agents are installed on all Endpoints.

SOC as a Service


They are customized according to the characteristics of the infrastructure.

SOC as a Service


The agents are activated and begin their work of collecting and alerting.

SOC as a Service

Passive action

Agents block known threats and enrich logs.

SOC as a Service

Active action

The most important threats generate an alert to our staff who actively intervene to solve the problem.


Security assured

In conclusion, the best passive-active conclusion to really protect your network.

What is a SOC

A SOC, acronym for Security Operations Center, is a team of experts dedicated to protecting organizations from cyber attacks.

Imagine SOC as a symbiosis of

SOC as a Service

What SOCaaS can do for your business

Our “SOC as a Service” system integrates different methods of intervention to reduce threats.

The combination of technical implementations and real people creates a security system that improves over time and that will adapt to the types of threats your business can face.

The main features

Detection and patching of missing security updates is performed on a regular basis and significantly reduces the risk exposure of off-the-shelf exploits

Ideal for a closed and deterministic environment. Any change in status of known threat-free files is immediately brought to the attention of the operator by an alert.

Granular visibility and reporting of all outgoing entities – hosts, installed software, etc. – are central to various IT security and management needs.

Keeping logs for an unlimited period of time allows organizations to comply with various regulatory requirements

Instant view of threat activity status

across the entire environment: file, network, users, and hosts.

SOC as a Service

SOC as Service [NGS]

SOC as Service [NGS] is the sibling of the [EDR] solution.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) focuses on protecting endpoints, such as computers and mobile devices, using behavior-based threat detection techniques. Instead, a SOC with Next-Generation Security (NGS) focuses on analyzing real-time data from a variety of sources, including endpoints, networks and applications, to identify threats and respond to them faster. In summary, an EDR SOC is more specific while an NGS SOC is broader and more integrated.

The union between the two systems makes it possible to achieve a level of security that was unthinkable until recently, with the effectiveness of up-to-date technical measures and a real and competent staff.

The steps in detecting a problem

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) che mettiamo in pratica è rappresentato dai passaggi illustrati e schematizzati qui sotto. There are several systems and technologies put into practice, including the aforementioned SDL and UEBA, which make up the SOC. But those are just the machine part of the SOAR.

To these is added the staff made up of ethical hackers who constantly verify the data that could identify a cyber threat, intervening, if necessary, to block the breach.


Collection of log files


Analyzing data from agents


Anomaly detection


Manual actions


Possible problem


Customer Notification


Certifications and safety

Cyberfero is an ISO 27001 certified company, which for our customers means that we provide guaranteed IT security services.

We particularly care about the cyber security of our customers, the efficiency of the resources used and the competence of our employees.

Your company data is important!

The entire architecture of the service resides in the cloud.

Your job: install an agent.

We’ll take care of the rest!

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