SOC as a Service [NGS]
cyber security at your service

A complete service for the safety of your company:

The advantages of the service

SOCaaS RaccoltaDati

Automatic data collection

SDL + SIEM - Data collection (log file), enrichment and analysis


Behavioral analysis

UEBA analysis - proactive detection of social engineering attacks

SOCaaS cogwheel

24/7 assistance service

The SOCaaS service has assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

SOCaaS time

Be in step with the times

By relying on a SOCaaS you ensure that you always have trained professionals available, able to identify any type of threat

SOCaaS business-and-finance


An internal SOC has high costs which include dedicated hardware and personnel. With a SOCaaS these costs are reduced

SOCaaS hacker

Guaranteed competence

Avoid investing large sums in the training of personnel specialized in cyber security. Trust teams of ethical hackers at your service

What is a SOC

A Security Operation Center (SOC) uses 3 technologies for the management and prevention of IT problems:

What SOCaaS can do for you

The system offered by our SOCaaS is equipped with artificial intelligence that continuously analyzes log-files to identify threats and mitigate risks.

The intervention of a specialized technician, available 24/7, verifies potential threats and intervenes to block attacks in the bud. A notice to the customer is sent in case of need.

A SOCaaS offers the necessary precautions against known techniques and identifies correlation between data indicating possible attacks with as yet unknown techniques.

Continuous improvement

The structure of a SOC is focused on constant improvement. The collaboration between expert technicians and artificial intelligence allows you to stop even unconventional breach attempts in the bud, improving your defenses and calibrating the analyzes based on the data collected previously.

If your company operates in the network and wants to do it in complete safety, our SOCaaS cyber attack defense system is the most advantageous solution.

The steps in detecting a problem

The typical SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) process that we put into practice is represented by the steps illustrated and schematized below. There are several systems and technologies put into practice, including the aforementioned SDL, SIEM and UEBA, which make up the SOC. But those are just the machine part of the SOAR.

To these is added the staff composed of ethical hackers who constantly verify the data that could identify a cyber threat, intervening, if necessary, to block the breach.


Collection of log files


Data Analysis (SIEM)


Anomaly detection


Manual control


Possible problem


Customer notification


Certifications and safety

Cyberfero is an ISO 27001 certified company, which for our customers means that we provide guaranteed IT security services.

We particularly care about the cyber security of our customers, the efficiency of the resources used and the competence of our employees.

Your company data is important!

Take the best precautions, for you and your customers

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