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Cyber security is an important point for all companies that use the network as a communication tool. This is why we have decided to carry out a fundamental operation that allows us to offer a better service to our customers . We have partnered with CLUSIT to make our services even more professional.


A fundamental-collaboration to improve and improve

The network, as we know, is a world where evolutions are constant and take little time to become operational and standardize . This is due to the constantly and exponentially evolving technology.

It is easy to deduce that there is, therefore, always an opportunity to make a network, an infrastructure, ever more performing and efficient. However, the same reasoning must be made for the related issues. When we talk about new technology standards, new implementations and strategies, they are also applied to unsafe environments. Here, then, that a novelty that helps the company in managing data or connections, can also become a weak point, the “open side” offered to hackers.

To compensate for this benefit / risk combination, new implementations must be accompanied by a constant search for solutions to potential problems that may arise . In fact, it would be useless to only take security measures against attacks designed some time ago. In fact, they would be easily overcome by attacks based on advanced and modern technologies.

It is therefore necessary to guarantee greater protection, adequately designed, the result of well-considered research and analysis. To succeed in this enterprise we have decided to associate with CLUSIT and collaborate with this body in the field of information technology and online security . We can thus prevent the unpleasant situations that can occur due to lack of security updates.

What is CLUSIT?

CLUSIT is an association that has made IT security its goal for over twenty years.

Awareness, training, continuous professional updating and the exchange of information are the most effective tools for dealing with IT security problems.

from the Clusit

CLUSIT was born on the basis of the experiences of other European associations for information security and has several objectives:

  • Spreading & nbsp; the culture of IT security among Companies, Public Administration and citizens.
  • Participate & nbsp; in the processing of laws, rules and regulations involving IT security, both at EU and Italian level.
  • Contribute & nbsp; to the definition of training courses for the preparation and certification of the various professional figures operating in the ICT security sector.
  • Promote & nbsp; the use of methodologies and technologies that allow to improve the security level of the various realities.

Among the activities of CLUSIT that are particularly useful for us and for our customers, there are training ones. The association organizes training events, promotes the drafting of updating and dissemination documents. In general CLUSIT is an important point of reference for always being updated and trained in the field of IT security.

A collaboration synonymous with constant improvement

There are various reasons why we have decided to join CLUSIT. First of all, to have the opportunity to collaborate with various colleagues operating in the world of information security. Sharing knowledge allows all those working in the field to improve their services.

This creates a relationship in which we receive insights and information that is always up to date, but we can also report problems, new exploits and security risks. The result, for our customers, is a service that is always at the top, geared towards training and constant updating. Our engineers are invited to keep up to date and also achieve certifications to guarantee the quality of the service.

Thanks to the webinars and documentation created by CLUSIT, we can learn more information that allows us to improve our services.

Your company data will always be protected thanks to SOD , which can boast constant training thanks to CLUSIT. This collaboration allows us to distinguish ourselves as a company that offers a safe and detailed service from every point of view like few others.

To guarantee this, those who visit our pages will be able to see the CLUSIT logo, synonymous with professionalism and constant updating. The world of IT security represents a world in constant evolution, we have decided to always be up to date to offer the best in our services.

CLUSIT and the team

Security and the services we offer

Thanks to this collaboration with CLUSIT, we are committed to offering the best possible services. Not being up to date would be synonymous with lack of professionalism for us. We are sure you will agree too.

With this partnership, we aim to guarantee a better service from every point of view.
This entails a series of indirect advantages: accurate advice , risk mitigation increasingly specific, use of cutting-edge tools for the safety of our customers.

You can therefore be sure that for you there is the advantage of relying on a team that works with precision and professionalism and that prevents any potential negative situation in the shortest possible time.

If your company is interested in understanding how we can also offer you superior service, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions.

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