Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber Risk Insurance

In the light of the recent cyber attacks and the rise of ransomware (like WannaCry and Petya), Secure Online Desktop in collaboration with Broker Busani Stefano of Union Brokers (see BROKER PRESENTATION) is pleased to present the Cyber Risk Assurance Guarantee as a valuable tool to increase The security of your data.

Cyber Risk Insurance – Description

The Cyber Risk Insurance Guarantee protects the customer even if the damage was caused by him. It protects you from all claims for damages even if the damage is due to:

  • – error;
  • – Negligence;
  • – Breach;
  • – Omission of duties;
  • – Serious blow;
  • – Abuse for:
    •  – violation of Network Security;
    •  – Malware;
    •  – Hacking;
    • – D.O.S. (Denial of Service) attacks;
    • – Unauthorized access or use;
    • – Privacy.

It also covers Cyber extortion: the sums that the insured pays to end an Cyber-Extortion event (i.e. a threat received to the computer system in order to claim money from the insured).

It also includes loss of data: caused by human error, programming error, blackout, malicious informatics, D.O.S. attacks, malware, hacking, unauthorized use or access.

It covers all the expenses that arise from these events and covers the expenses for lawyers, perpetrators and costs incurred.

When unfortunately these events happen, the company stays at times for days, sometimes unfortunately for weeks!

The Cyber Risk Insurance Guarantee also covers the economic losses that have caused your business to stop!


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To whom does it turn?

This product is aimed at all small and medium-sized companies with a turnover of less than € 25million. Excluding retailers.


What do you need to do in practice?

To sign up for the policy, simply contact us and we will follow the client to analyze the degree of risk of his activity by setting the right security for the Cyber event.


Business Case

Prestigious 5-star hotel in Tyrol (Austria), the keys to all hotel rooms are electronic keys on the board, hackers take over the hotel’s computer system and block the opening of all the doors to the hotel rooms. Clients are panicky, while hacking requests for tens of thousands of euros – the hotel has no choice: it pays. The policy reimburses the hotel how much the hotel paid to hackers.


 ♦ Cloudflare extension

 ♦ Stay in control of your fast moving data

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