Nowadays, business managers around the world are familiar with the cloud, even if only at the conceptual level. Chances are that your organization is already using, or is at least exploring, solutions such as cloud computing and data storage. With an increased need for mobility, efficiency, and productivity, executives are continually on the lookout for new and innovative ways to simplify processes and get the most value out of every technology investment. Human Resources departments are the lifeblood of every organization, and must run efficiently in order for every other team and department in the organization to be successful.

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While some businesses are starting to move their HR processes to the cloud, it is important for all companies to understand the benefits of doing so. From employee data security to faster approvals and streamlined workflows, HR in the cloud offers an easy and innovative way for businesses to increase productivity. Developing a plan for integrating cloud technology and taking advantage of the features offered allows executives to achieve their business goals.

Flexibility with HR Processes

HR managers know that one of the major drawbacks for any system is added paperwork. Not only do forms take a lot of time to fill out, they can be complicated. In addition to new employee orientation and the administration of employee benefits, HR departments have a role in virtually everything that gets done in an organization every single day. As businesses grow, there is more stress put on HR departments to perform, which is why moving HR processes to the cloud makes sense.

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While cloud technology continues to prove to be effective for businesses in other ways, such as through cost savings on equipment, it can also deliver the intangibles for HR teams that help take things to the next level. It is for this reason that more and more organizations are dedicating their IT budgets and other finances to help develop a strong and successful cloud-based business solution. According to an article, a 2014 Forrester Research report found that the public cloud market is “estimated to reach $191 billion by 2020, a significant climb from $58 billion in 2013.”

One of the major benefits of moving HR processes to the cloud is that it increases business mobility and allows everyone within the organization to be more flexible. Employees are able to access the information and files needed to complete their jobs from any device at any time. This makes working remotely much more efficient, and allows employees and managers to complete HR training and forms and get vital information no matter where they are located. Human resources in the cloud are also much more user friendly, allowing employees to access the system seamlessly.

It is now easier than ever for employees to request days off, see their schedules, access professional development webinars, and update contact and emergency information. At the same time, the cloud eliminates mountains of paperwork that cost valuable time and money to sort through. Flexibility with HR processes is enough to convince organizations to move to a cloud-based platform, but there are other benefits as well that will leave you wondering how you ever worked without the cloud.

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Easy Set Up and Added Innovation

Some business may be cautious before committing to moving HR to the cloud because of how important it is to the rest of the organization. If setup is too time consuming, or if the new system is too cumbersome to use, the thinking goes, then why change what is already in place? Companies put these worries to rest when they are able to develop strong partnerships with cloud service providers that help them leverage cloud capabilities. Since HR is an area with unique needs, any new technology needs to complement existing systems to enhance productivity.

According to Mashable, 68 percent of manufacturers worldwide have more than two of their applications already on a private cloud. Cloud computing is helping these businesses and their HR departments on a daily basis. Setup is easy and painless, without disrupting your daily operations. At the same time, open APIs allow HR managers to integrate their cloud solution with the applications that are already in use in the organization. Once your team has worked with a provider on the right HR solution using the cloud, getting up to speed on all of the process and reports you need will be a breeze.

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Getting set up with the technology is only half the battle. Your cloud solution also needs to be able to adapt and grow with your business; otherwise, it will become obsolete. The cloud is the perfect technology for HR processes and applications because the human resources department plays an integral role in supporting the business as a whole. Just as the recent way of doing business with large stacks of forms and manual workflows is coming to an end, the threat of software programs and technology becoming outdated also exists.

However, the cloud makes it possible to get automatic system updates and software upgrades so your HR department can stay ahead of the game. Businesses no longer need to wait for updates to roll out over time, and these updates through the cloud eliminate the need to hire outside systems technicians to roll out software for the entire company.


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Enhanced Data Security and Savings

One of the biggest question marks for businesses when moving their HR processes to the cloud is whether or not data will remain secure. HR data is sensitive and contains personal information on each and every employee, which is why data security is the top priority for any organization. In fact, privacy and security are becoming more important than price when picking out the perfect cloud solution. While businesses want to do everything they can to protect data, moving HR to the cloud means that data security rests with the provider of the services.

A customized cloud system from Secure Online Desktop provides enhanced data security and a network of servers to protect your business from any angle. You get cloud services for your HR needs with enterprise-class resilience, which leads to high availability of your applications. With a multi-layered approach to security, Secure Online Desktop delivers solutions that make it safe for organizations to conduct their business without worry. In addition, clients receive a cloud system that has a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover, so it’s always business as usual.


Data Security and Savings

What does this mean for your bottom line? By moving your HR processes to the cloud, you make it easier for your employees, especially your Human Resources department, to get their jobs done the right way. As such, companies spend less money on complicated and costly equipment that constantly needs to be maintained. The ease of use when it comes to deploying services to employees through the cloud results in higher levels of productivity and performance. This also means that companies are also able to focus on other areas of their operation in order to drive innovation for the products and services they offer, leading to more revenue.

The key for organizations looking to move HR to the cloud is to identify the threats they face and how to protect against them. With the right cloud computing service provider on your side, there is no telling how far your HR processes will take you. Learn more about the benefits of using a cloud-based solution in your Human Resources department by contacting a representative at Secure Online Desktop today. Request information on products and services offered by sending an email to [email protected].