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In order to keep the eye on your IT infrastructure, hire a Red Team with certifications it is the ideal choice . The analyzes carried out by a certified Red Team are aimed at the protection and prevention of attacks and data losses.

Obviously, an in house Red Team would require hefty hiring costs and a constant financial effort to upgrade. In addition to the salary of the engineers who make up the team. SOD, however, offers excellent solutions that leverage a Red Team and its certifications. Let’s see in detail what we are talking about and how this particular “tool” makes excellent SOD services.

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What a Red Team is for

When we talk about Red Team in the field of cybersecurity, we must consider how this team is fundamental to monitor the perimeter and offer active and passive coverage in the event of an attack . A Red Team, in fact, constantly simulates real attacks as if they were carried out from the outside. The aim is to act as hackers would act ( black hat hacker ), but without intent destructive.

This means that the perimeter and the IT infrastructure are first analyzed and then attacked. This happens exactly as if the attacks were carried out by a group of malicious hackers . The tools and strategies used by the Red Team are also the result of an accurate analysis, to fully test the security factor of the company platform.

The Red Team represents a precious ally in guaranteeing a complete and updated solution for IT security in general.

This strategic advantage in using a Red Team derives directly from the certifications achieved. It is thanks to the certifications acquired, in fact, that it is possible to monitor and test every part of the infrastructure according to the latest trends in computer piracy.

The choice of the Red Team and the importance of certifications

Of course, it’s important to consider how experienced the team is in the field. Our Red Team, in addition to the certifications we will talk about shortly, boasts over 20 years of experience. This experiential factor is important because attacks have evolved over the years and knowing the evolution of the technologies involved allows greater control over them.

So, an experienced team like ours is an ideal choice. But after the experience, the constant professional updating that distinguishes our Red Team comes into play. The perennial updating and the consequent certifications are our flagship.

Some important certifications

Speaking of the certifications acquired by our Red Team, let’s start by saying that the different certifications refer to a specific aspect of the team’s work. As we will see in the examples, each certification allows us to better understand one of the aspects involved in the attacks and defense of an IT infrastructure. For the complete list of Red Team certifications visit the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test service page.

Red Team Certification: eCCPT

Among the certificates that are acquired by our SOD Red Team, the eCCPT one stands out, that is eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester.

This particular certification focuses on the techniques used in systems penetration. The Red Team that boasts this certification, is able to analyze what may be the different flaws in the security system, with the aim of entering the system itself. The purpose of the penetration can range from data breach to the release of malware or ransomware on the system.

We also remind you that the Penetration Test service is available in our services and that we suggest you use it regularly.

CCSP certification

The CCSP certificate, or the Cisco Certified Security Professional , focuses on the study of network security. Two exams are passed to obtain certification. The first exam covers basic security technologies, and the second exam focuses on a technology of the candidate’s choice. This is useful because it makes sure to tailor the certification to a specific area relevant to the certification holder.

CEH certification

Acronym of Certified Ethical Hacker , this too is to be listed among those of our Red Team. Focused on training real hackers, it is a qualification obtained by demonstrating knowledge of computer systems security assessment. The assessment is done by looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems, using the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate way to assess security.

NSE certification

Fortinet’s Network Security Expert (NSE) Program is an eight-level training and certification program designed to provide interested technical professionals with independent validation of their network security skills and experience. The NSE program includes a wide range of courses, as well as practical and experiential exercises that demonstrate mastery of complex network security concepts.

Our Red Team holds several other certifications and each supports a certain aspect of IT research and analysis work. Ultimately, our certifications offer total confidence in the work done by the Red Team .

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The constant certifications of our team

The attacks that are perpetrated by one or more hackers who intend to exploit the network in an incorrect way are very dynamic and constantly evolving. This implies that even those who, like us, defend the structures, must think they have a “map” for obtaining certifications.

All members of our Red Team follow a series of certifications and constantly face new challenges to keep up to date. We would like to clarify how each of these qualifications are the result of the application of a study method that involves the analysis of the various problems that our Red Team faces on a daily basis.

Thanks to the constant commitment put into practice by our staff, every infrastructure we defend is subjected to a careful analysis with the aim of preventing an attack from going well.


If your company wants to count on a certified Red Team, without facing the costs, but having all the benefits, all that remains is to contact us to find out how we can actively help you.

Only with the constant updating to which our Red Team undergoes it is possible to have the concrete opportunity to achieve an excellent result.

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