Programma di affiliazione

Joining the Secure Online Desktop affiliate program is an interesting opportunity to make the most of your business and generate extra long-lasting revenue. To put it simply, affiliate marketing is a performance-based business model that rewards partners for generating a certain action, usually a sale. This form of business can be an incredibly beneficial and low-risk way of offering quality services to your customers.

Affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is the term by which you know an entrepreneurial model that is based on reselling and / or promoting the reference brand by obtaining a profit for each sale. In the specific case of SOD, the possibility is to resell our services to your customers, earning from each transaction.

More sales = more earnings

Affiliates are paid a commission after the sale has been made. For this, it will be in your best interest to generate as many sales as possible. The promotion can take place in many ways (blog, social, etc.), or you can simply implement our services to the products you already sell.

Generally speaking, the main advantage of having an affiliate program is that it is based on the sales made. Since the commission is paid only once the sale has taken place, the affiliates are more motivated to actively promote the services.

Through affiliation with Secure Online Desktop, you will be able to offer quality services to your customers, also expanding your user base. Imagine being able to offer a solution that includes both the website and the hosting space. Not only that, every time the hosting space is renewed, you will be rewarded with another commission.

In essence, you can offer more complete products, capture new customers interested in affiliate products and continue to earn a percentage on sales, despite the fact that you have done nothing but mediate between your customers and our products.

Affordable Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate partner is extremely convenient. By relying on a company with many years of experience such as SOD, you can be sure that the products offered are qualitatively valid and tested over time. You can rest assured that your customers will have the quality that distinguishes SOD and that you probably already know.

Benefits of the SOD partner program

Your company will be able to sell Cloud solutions with advantageous terms and conditions reserved for partners in the affiliate program. By being able to offer new services, you can also increase the number of your customers. Our partner program is open to all IT companies, specialized in the sale of technologically advanced solutions.

Freedom of action and automation

Through the possibility of generating affiliate vouchers, you will be able to generate specific discount coupons for your customers. The discounts come from your affiliate commission, and it’s up to you to decide how much to earn from each customer. You therefore have freedom of decision on the price the customer will pay and consequently also the amount of your commission.

Furthermore, through the automatic monthly report, you can check the earnings deriving from your affiliate program and set a delay in approving the commissions. This will help prevent economic loss from fraudulent orders.

Affiliate marketing

Our technology partners

Our partners and related services offered

we can provide all Microsoft licenses for both operating systems and application software.
we can design storage solutions tailored to your business.
we can design Log Management solutions tailored to your needs.
we can design backup solutions as Veeam Cloud Service Provider.
we can design backup solutions as Acronis Cloud Service Provider.

Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with MSS (Medical Software Solutions), a leading company in medical software, Secure Online Desktop is pleased to announce the integration between the Cloud Desktop and the V.O.D.C.A. which takes shape in a new Cloud service called V.O.D.C.A. Online Desktop.

The V.O.D.C.A. service Online Desktop is currently among the best clinical trial solutions in the Cloud.

A correct relationship between simplicity and flexibility
Dedicated tool for coordinators, reviewers, experts and study participants
Use of updated security standards for online solutions
Cheap prices

Affiliate Affiliate Program

The ability to promote and resell our services is undoubtedly an interesting way to increase your earnings simply and conveniently, offer new products and increase your customers.

Secure Online Desktop offers the stability, the safety of the services and the quality of the products, with these guarantees you know you have a partner at your side that you can count on.

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