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Online hosting is the process of using space on a remote server to host a website. The content of the pages (HTML, CSS, images, etc.) must be loaded into the server space to be reached online.

Website hosting service providers have servers, connectivity and associated services for hosting online pages. By offering a variety of plans for online hosting, they cover a wide range of needs: from small blogs to large organizations.

Choosing the online hosting plan means selecting the right resource allocation to keep the portal fast and reliable for visitors. If there is a problem while browsing a site, for example it takes too long to load, potential customers will probably leave.

Online hosting and site domain

The first thing to do to open a web space is to buy a domain. Often providers also offer the sale and management of domains, as well as online hosting. The service provider ensures that when users search for the domain on the network, they are directed to the server hosting the linked site.

Choose hosting for a website

Selecting the appropriate online hosting plan is an important step for online presence, especially if you are launching a corporate website. Providers also offer server management services, but also software, support, bandwidth and speed.

Always keep in mind when choosing an online hosting plan: nothing is free. What seems free often has a non-economic cost.

Website Hosting – The Importance of Bandwidth

Bandwidth (sometimes referred to as “traffic” or “data transfer”) is the number of bytes needed to transfer the site to visitors. A rough example of a site’s typical traffic requirements: most portals that don’t provide video or music use less than 3 gigabytes of bandwidth per month.

If you are expecting a rapid expansion or need to use audio and video on the site, you should consider purchasing a plan that offers extra space. Free hosting for the website is not recommended, because daily or monthly limits are usually imposed on the amount of usable traffic.

Evaluate expansion options

Most new sites start with shared online hosting spaces, which are quite powerful nowadays. However, if the site is expected to grow over the years, it will be necessary to consider the use of greater resources, or even a more powerful server, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), for example .

Providing plans that offer more resources from the provider will save time and money by avoiding a migration to other suppliers.

Online hosting - Bandwidth and servers

Uptime (reliability)

Reliability is extremely important for this type of service. Real reliability is present only with a paid online hosting plan. A website should work 24/7, and the guarantee that this will only happen with reliable providers and stable network connections.

A site that is difficult to reach or that is often out of order, loses visitors and customers. This negatively affects the authority of the domain. Furthermore, an unavailable site prompts you to visit that of the competition. Bandwidth is also very frustrating and similarly affects users.

Website Hosting – The Control Panel (Plesk)

The purpose of a panel is to allow the management of the various aspects of the account for hosting the website. It is normally offered by each commercial host to carry out normal maintenance operations without having to request technical intervention. A Plesk also provides a simple dashboard to manage email addresses, account passwords and basic server configurations.


If you also want to host e-mail accounts together with the website, you must check that the online hosting plan provides for the setting of e-mail addresses linked to the domain. it is unprofessional to have an unassociated email address. Does an address like [email protected] or [email protected] seem more authoritative?


Choosing the right provider and the right online hosting plan for your site is not easy, many factors come into the day. It is certainly important to think about it before starting a project and take the right time to evaluate the options available. This will save time and money in the future.

SOD offers several quality web hosting plans, suitable for various situations and needs. The service is hosted on the Linux platform, which is by far the most adopted and secure server solution in the world. Check the rating on Google for further quality assurance of the service offered!

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