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The online webinar “SOCaaS and Active Defense Deception: a winning approach for managed security” organized by Secure Online Desktop will be held on October 20th at 10am. Let’s see why it is interesting to participate in the free event presenting these solutions for corporate cybersecurity.

What is SOCaaS with Next Generation SIEM?

SOCaaS (Security Operation Center as a Service) is a managed service for monitoring, analyzing and responding to security events. It allows you to outsource the activities of a SOC to a qualified supplier, benefiting from specialized skills and cutting-edge technologies.

Secure Online Desktop’s SOCaaS uses a powerful Next Generation SIEM, an advanced Security Intelligence platform that integrates features such as:

  • Real-time correlation of huge volumes of data.
  • Behavioral analysis to identify unknown threats.
  • Threat intelligence to identify indicators of compromise.
  • Response automation via playbook.

Thanks to these capabilities, the service allows you to proactively detect and investigate even the most sophisticated and elusive threats.

What is Active Defense Deception?

Active Defense Deception uses “cyber trapping” techniques to deceive attackers and prevent intrusion into enterprise systems.

It works by placing carefully designed decoys and artifacts within the network to confuse and distract attackers.

The main advantages include:

  • Diverting attackers away from valuable assets.
  • Early detection of internal and external malicious activity.
  • Analysis of the techniques and tools used by the attacker.
  • Reduction of the available attack surface.

Integrated with threat intelligence systems, deception provides dynamic protection against today’s threats.

Benefits of integrated SOCaaS and Active Defense services

Combining SOCaaS with Next Generation SIEM and Active Defense Deception capabilities in a single managed solution delivers significant benefits:

  • Complete coverage of the threat lifecycle – from prevention to early detection to investigation and response.
  • Proactive protection – thanks to the early identification of risks and anomalies by the deception solution.
  • Continuous improvement – through lessons learned from analyzing simulated and real attacks.
  • Optimization of skills and costs – outsourcing security management to highly qualified professionals.
  • Compliance – ongoing support to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Advanced reporting – customized dashboards with risk indicators for management.

Free webinar program

In the webinar on October 20, Secure Online Desktop experts will present in detail:

  • The security challenges of modern companies
  • The characteristics of the SOCaaS service with Next Generation SIEM
  • How Active Defense Deception technology works
  • The use cases and benefits of combining SOCaaS and Deception
  • The possibilities of integration with the defenses already in place
  • The most frequently asked questions on the topic

There will also be space for the Q&A session in which the experts will answer the participants’ questions, to satisfy any need for further information.

Participation in the webinar

The webinar is free, but you must register to access the online event.

You can sign up by visiting this page on the Secure Online Desktop site:


After registering, you will receive the link via email to access the webinar on the day of the event.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all the details of these cutting-edge solutions for cybersecurity management and ask your questions directly to the experts.

More webinars on IT security

The October 20th event is one of the many webinars that Secure Online Desktop organizes periodically to offer advanced content and updates on the latest technologies in the field of cybersecurity.

The complete list of upcoming online events can be found on the webinar page of the Secure Online Desktop website:


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The “SOCaaS and Active Defense Deception” webinar on October 20 is a great opportunity to discover how to integrate these cutting-edge solutions into a comprehensive managed security strategy, benefiting from the expertise of a qualified provider.

Participation is free upon registration. Furthermore, it is possible to register online for the other periodic webinars that Secure Online Desktop dedicates to the latest technologies for protecting companies’ IT infrastructure.

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